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Our Programming Strategy

Creating a Supportive Environment for Black Family Medicine Students and Residents

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Below are the four core strategies of our Programming 
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Anonymous Testimonials from participant programming evaluation surveys

"Loved the mock interviews and the extra opportunities to get FaceTime with programs."

Helping Learners Navigate the Transition into Family Medicine Residency and Careers 


Our program equips participants with the tools and resources to navigate two pivotal transitions – matching into residency and securing a first job – while addressing how to seek out safer institutions and navigate micro/macroaggressions, discrimination, unjust treatment, and unequal opportunities. 

1. Navigating FM

*Over 100 ABFMP members are prospective Family Medicine trainees

Applying to Family Medicine Residency While Black

We have a dedicated program composed of webinars and workshops designed to help Black match applicants.

7-part Webinars series

  • Navigating National Conference 

  • ERAS & Personal Statement 

  • Interviewing 

  • Ranking Strategies 

  • SOAP - New offering for Feb 2023

  • Advice for Intern Year 

  • Managing Finances in Residency 


  • Personal Statement Review

  • Mock Interviews

Applying To FM Residency

Navigating the Family Medicine Career Launch

Our residency webinar series covers the following topics:

  • Contracts & Negotiations

  • Credentialing & Privileging 

  • Career Options


*Over 40 ABFMP members are residents and 360+ GroupMe members are residents

Navigating FM Career

Cultivating a Community for Black Family Medicine Students and Residents

Community is essential for combating the impact of isolation that may come from being marginalized. Isolation in the face of racism and microaggression, can breed depression and lead to attrition and poor academic performance. Strong communities, however, can encourage empowering, constructive and supportive conversations, and provide a sense of belonging, unity, and validation. 

2. Cultivating

GroupMe Community

Using the GroupMe phone application, ABFMP has created different groups, including a main group that consists of Black medical students, residents, and attendings/faculty in Family Medicine and four class communities (Match Class, PGY1, PGY2, and PGY3+). In these groups, participants openly ask questions, share information, resources and advice, and express victories and struggles related to their training experience.

Number of participants in each group

  • Main group: 341

  • Match class: 95

  • PGY1 class: 182

  • PGY2 class: 186

Group Me

Zoom Rooms

To accompany our GroupMe community, each class community has access to free Zoom rooms that they can use as needed to have virtual meetups. Members utilize these meetups to network, socialize and provide emotional support to one-another in a liberated space.

Zoom rooms
Reource Sharing

Connecting Learners to Career Developmental Opportunities Through Partnerships

There are many organizations and individuals that are committed to addressing the needs of Black Family Medicine medical students and residents. ABFMP does NOT wish to recreate these efforts but instead aims to connect participants to existing opportunities through sharing of resources and organizational collaboration.  

3. Connecting

Resource Sharing


Members of our website have access to a collection of resources on our Resource page that includes listings of: 

  • Family Medicine National Organizations

  • Resources for Applying to Residency

  • Information for IMGs

  • Clinical Reference websites

  • Phone apps, books, & podcasts

  • Family Medicine Board Prep Resources

  • Development Programs

  • Job Prep Resources

  • Financial Wellness Resources 

  • Global Health Opportunities

ABFMP is always looking to establish relationships and actively collaborate with organizations that align with our mission and vision, and support our 4 pillars of programming as outlined here. We also offer the opportunity to compile and share collective recommendations from our members to inform improvement of initiatives to better serve Black learners in Family Medicine. 

Organizational and Institutional Connections

Org/Inst Connections

Providing Financial Support to Black Family Medicine Students, Residents and Attendings

Irrespective of all the services we provide, sometimes a barrier to the success of students and residents is financial access. Through donations and partnerships, we aim to make money one less barrier.

4. Providing



Driven by transparency and a desire to meet the needs of our membership, we include our members as decision-makers in how ABFMP allocates financial resources. First, we survey the Family Medicine community annually on how they think we should financially support Black students and residents in Family Medicine. Then, ABFMP members cast a vote to rank their top three choices. We use the three highest selections to determine the fiscal plan for financially supporting our resident and student members over the coming year.

Members Choose

Minimizing the Minority Tax

Too often the burden of supporting Black learners is placed on Black attendings and staff without additional support or resources. To mitigate this, and as our funding allows, we value compensating Black attendings for their time supporting ABFMP initiatives and speaking into the lives of our members.

Minorty Tax
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