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Affiliates and Partners

In alignment with our programming strategy we seek affiliations and partnerships with various organizations and institutions that are committed to serving the needs of Black Family Medicine trainees. The goal of these partnerships is to connect learners to opportunities through resource sharing and organizational collaboration. There are many ways to support our vision and mission as an affiliate including but not limited to hosting an informational session, collaborating on projects, and providing monetary support through discounts and sponsorship.  


See our current affiliates below and find the categories and definitions of each category. 

Interested in becoming an affiliate, complete the Affiliate Interest form.  Note that an organization can choose to satisfy more than one category.


Organizations that support and share the vision and mission of ABFMP and collaboratively plan programming/initiatives with ABFMP or consult ABFMP for insights on improving offerings and opportunities for Black Family Medicine medical students and residents. 


Residency programs, institutions, or organizations that provide an informational session regarding their program or organization.

Organizational Partners

Organizations that support the vision and mission of ABFMP and work directly with ABFMP to provide services and/or funding to aid in the execution of programming and initiatives.


Organizations that provide voluntary monetary gifts to ABFMP in support of programming, initiatives, or executive operations.