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Our History

The Association of Black Family Medicine Physicians (ABFMP) works to support Black individuals that are pursuing a career as a physician in Family Medicine. In a country where 5% of all physicians are Black, and only 7.8% of Family Medicine residents are Black, we strive to create a community for Black students and residents pursuing Family Medicine and to help ensure that they have the necessary tools to become successful.


The  ABFMP was birthed in January 2020 out of the need for Black 4th-year medical students from across the U.S. to support one another. It began as a group of students gathering via GroupMe to connect about their interests in Family Medicine and discuss research and conference opportunities. When COVID-19 was officially declared a global health emergency in March 2020 by the World Health Organization, students developed concerns on how they’d navigate applying for Family Medicine Residency without being able to go to conferences or visit programs. Led by Dr. Carmen Simmons, who was a 4th year medical student at the time, the organization was unofficially recognized as Association of Black Family Medicine Applicants in August 2020. Understanding the need to support these students, both residents and more than 20 family medicine residency programs partnered with the organization to conduct webinars, review personal statements, facilitate mock interviews, and make mentorship connections. Students engaged in droves to seek opportunities to network and learn more about how they could advance in the field.


On September 3, 2021 the organization became incorporated in the State of Georgia as a nonprofit corporation. It was at this time that its name officially became the Association of Black Family Medicine Physicians. One year later ABFMP received its 501 c3 tax exemption status. Today it continues to build on its founding principles of supporting Black students and residents interested in Family Medicine through strong network engagements, workshops,  residency application assistance and more.

Founding Members

Dr. Carmen Simmons


Dr. Asia Colen


Dr. Ryan Walker

Let’s Work Together

Interested in coming alongside the ABFMP to strengthen our vision and mission? Visit our Get Involved paged to join our mailing list and have access to all the ways that you can help.

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